Saturday, March 22, 2014

Webhosting Server Crash = Sites Offline!

FYI - ALL of my websites are temporarily offline. That includes:

(This article was originally published on's blog.)
There are minimal holding sites at 39 and Holding Club and ... where you'll also find periodic updates. Look for the others to be following suit asap. WHY the sudden termination of my sites? Well ... 

Sometimes, life just doesn't want to cooperate. I have plans ... but the Universe has its own scheme for me ... and it's always a surprise. 

Not necessarily a welcome surprise. 

Case in point ... I recently wrote on my Penchant for Penning blog about the trials and tribulations with my webhost's server(s) five-day crash. And the angst continues ... 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

When the Perfect Storm Hits Your Webhost

Update 03/05/14: My email servers (all but one) are back online, although anything mailed to me from Saturday through Tuesday was lost. IX Webhosting is definitely going to be in trouble. They have already lost a lot of business, based on their status blog comments ... and I will be going soon. I need a template program that will work and a company that is prepared for "the worst." Hope this finds you well and sassy on Hump Day! 

Updated: 03/09/14:

Help! The perfect storm hit my webhosting provider and they were NOT prepared for the worst.
“Web hosting that grows with you.” HA!! At what point can we sue for false advertisement? Seriously, anyone know?

The IX Webhosting tagline is big and bold on their home page. I have been a loyal, if often disgruntled customer since approximately 2005. That’s a LONG time in this click-per-second society. Though they’ve been in business since 1999, for my purposes this company stopped growing around 2009.

Part of IX Webhosting’s original appeal was not only the ability to host up to fifteen websites in one place, but for a non-techie like me, they provided a simple, DIY web building template program that worked just fine for my simple websites. 

Site Studio was a key component of my decision to sign with IX Web.; along with simplicity and site stability as close runners-up. How was I to know that Site Studio would be abandoned by its creator to leave unsuspecting people like me stunted in their web growth?
Oh wait! IX Webhosting – full of technically advanced personnel – MUST have known this years ago. Wikipedia, “Developer Tommy Pavlicek announced in September 2005 that he would discontinue development of Site Studio and his other applications due to time constraints.”

So by the time I began my association with IX Webhosting, Site Studio was already a crippled program. Great. Just freakin’ great.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Own a Computer? How Does It Feel to be a Victim?

In our NewWorld Order of technology over common sense, we are not only slaves to our machines, we are hostages to their manufacturers and providers.

Our emotional stability and peace of mind is bound and gagged, and our bank accounts are being robbed at the same time. Shame on you, Microsoft, Apple, and so many more.

The scene mirrors a common crime – an unwitting victim may have taken a slight risk in walking alone through a darkened parking lot after the bar closed – but that does not give anyone the right to kidnap and pillage a hardworking citizen.

A little dramatic? Perhaps. But I’m a writer (hence the drama), editor, and a Boomer on a TIGHT budget, and don’t appreciate my computer (and my dollars) being held hostage by a rich conglomerate.

How? With the (practically) minute-by-minute upgraded devices we are FORCED to purchase. It may seem I am arguing for the stagnation of technology, but I am actually advocating freedom.

Freedom to choose between “keeping up with the Joneses” and simply content with the equipment we have at the moment, which works just fine for our purposes.

Be honest now – do you USE all of the features on your current computer?? I’ll bet not – so what is the attraction for you to upgrade?